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2013          Dubowsky, S. (2013). A wider view: Kindergarten teachers use blogs, Skype,
                   and Twitter to connect students across the province and beyond.
                   Professionally Speaking the Magazine of the Ontario College of Teachers,
                   p. 47. Retrieved from

2013           York University (2013). Recent grad's blog engages readers in early 
                    education as it closes in on half a million views. York Alumni News.
                    Retrieved from

2013            Photographed for ETFO resource Primary ETFO Arts: Introducing Dance,
                    Drama, Music, and Visual Arts in the Primary Grades.

2013            York University (2013). Recent grad's blog gets close to 500, 000 views.
                    yFile York University's Daily News.  Retrieved from

2013            York University (2013). Student blog gets close to half a million world    
                     wide-views. Faculty of Education Website.  Retrieved from

2013            Photographed for ETFO AQ flyer and Professionally Speaking magazine

2013            Featured on Natural Curiosity's newsletter: Making the Shift A Journey
                    Through Inquiry-based Environmental Education

2010            Interviewed on CBC Radio about the first day of Full-Day Kindergarten

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